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Whiteboard Video: At A Brief Glance

People do come up with the strangest ideas to stand out of the crowd and be noticed. In this era of fierce competitive marketing, you need to be constantly on your toes, to keep coming up with new ideas to catch the eye of the fickle masses, however, fleetingly that may be. One of the innovations that came up in that struggle is the whiteboard explainer video (also called digital video scribing).

Inlayman’s terms, the idea behind whiteboard animation is to replicate the process of someone drawing on a whiteboard or a similar surface and in the meanwhile, explaining the drawings. Initially, stop photography was employed, but as the technique gained popularity, multiple Software’s have emerged to replicate the effect, easily and efficiently. These days whiteboard animation is used everywhere from classrooms to YouTube, to instruct, educate or to tell stories.

Why Use Whiteboard Animation Videos For Promoting Your Product? Know Right Here!

The answer to that is simple: To engage and educate at the same time. These videos are not only far more interesting than the traditional text heavy marketing techniques like PowerPoint presentations, they also beat other video based methods. The main difference between a simple animated video with pre drawn graphics and whiteboard animation videos is that the latter captures the audiences’ attention and keeps it focused for far longer. The reason for this is that the continuously evolving nature of the whiteboard variety almost mesmerizes the viewers and keeps them wanting more. The process of actually seeing the drawings emerge real time engrosses the viewer and the carefully synchronized voice over talks to them at a personal level, making them more open and favorable towards your product. Basically,Digital video scribing is the new savvy.

Video Scribing Companies Everywhere, But Not All Of Them Care

You have decided to have a whiteboard video made for your product or service, now you need someone to do just that. Well, worry no more, we are here to help you. Here is exactly why you want our video scribing Production Company to handle your task and not anyone else:

Just as our staff is one big, happy family, we also consider our clients to be our adopted family. Your product is our honor. We treat it as we would our own and that is the difference between a business just looking out to make money and a company that cares and wants to facilitate its clients.

Pride in our work:
Our graphic designers take pride in their work. They never make a half-hearted attempt at any task. Every video is a piece of art. Never is a job treated as a deadline to meet. They are all labors of love. You will be hard put to find this level of commitment to work elsewhere.

Cheap and cost efficient:
We make sure our pricing and rates are more than competitive in the market. Our top priority is to provide our customers value for their money. And we believe we are more than successful in doing so, judging by our list of satisfied customers.

Our Professional Whiteboard Animation Services On The Table For You To Avail

Let us tell you exactly how you stand to benefit when you chose to delegate us the important job of promoting your product.We offer unparalleled services at the most affordable rates and with extreme professionalism. You can expect:

  • Creative storytelling
  • Expert graphic designers
  • Top of the line techniques
  • Unlimited revisions, until total satisfaction at the client’s end is achieved
  • Professional voice over done by voice artists
  • Unique designs
  • Cooperative staff

And as a result of all this, in return, you will get:

  • Boosted sales
  • Engaged customers
  • Enhanced internet visibility
  • Brand recognition

Give us a chance once and we will make sure that you don’t regret it.

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