Top 5 domains where Explainer Videos can be used

These animated explainer videos are 2 minutetutorials which give you an essential and the most focused information in shortest period of time. These videos let the viewer stay glued for a couple of minutes, engaging them, just likean entertaining roller coaster ride. It gives a real and useful insightwith lively characters and drawings in black and white color. Viewers feel themselves connectedto them. These Explainer videos can easily be made by anyone having the skills of video production.

Nowadays, there are many sites on which you can make free explainer videos. All you need is some basic computer knowledge.You can easily start making videos now for marketing and other purposes. There are many domains in which these videos are used. Many people are taking advantage of these quick explainer videos for their businesses, in education system, sports and many others.

Let’s have a look some the top most favorite domains in which these are used mostly.



For the marketing of a company, introductory videosare mostly placed on the front page of the website. It tellsyou about the company and its works, its benefits, its projects, and all the related information. It’s helpful in gathering millions of people which are beneficial for your business and its growth. Tell the pros and cons in most hideous way to let the customers come in.



If you have any product that needs marketing like cellphone, game, a juice, burgers, hair products, clothing products, furnitureand other similar stuff,it’s highly recommended to use an explainer video to show case your products in a short and best way. Explain the usage of your products. Highlight the advantages your products have over other products.


If you are running a beauty parlor, car station, restaurant, or a spa, and want to tell about the services you provide in there, explainer videos surely would come handy to you. It’s an impeccable way to videos for explaining yourself and thus attracting your audience. Tell about your best services/discounted deals with the engaging videos. Use its lively character to attract your audience.


For toddler in preschool, giving a presentation in university or in any educational field where you need to explain something to others, these explainer videos could be very useful. They can be used to explain any concept in the shortest possible time, with lively characters and beautiful drawing and encouraging words. In a very entertaining and fun way, you can learn new concepts.


People use these videos for explaining religious beliefs also. If someone needs help in a concept regarding a religious belief then these explainer videos can be used. For instance, to explain the concept of GOD, Angels, or to explain any verse from the HolyBook, you can bring explainer videos into use. These videos can be helpful and good for you.

The bottom line is that the explainer videos can come handy in multiple ways. You can easily make one and convey your message to the people you wish to know. Either it is corporate marketing orlearning at school, you can use an explainer video for the purpose.

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