The Best Ways of Making Explainer Videos for Presentations

Explainer videos have a greater potential to keep the customer engaged and explain them the specification and advantages of product. These videos have a convincing and positive impact on the minds of audience.



Here are the Best Ways of making Explainer Videos for a fantastic presentation:

  1. Make A Convincing Script

A well written and convincing script is a key to an excellent explainer video. A good script is a basis on which everything is constructed. A good script can be achieved by choosing a person who does not know your business. He takes a look at it for the first time and then explains his views in a way that are understandable by general audience.

These are few points which should be kept in mind before presenting your product:

  • What is business or service about?
  • Who are the targeted audience?
  • Key advantages of using this product?
  • How this product helps in solving specific problem?
  • How does the service or business work?
  • The mode of presentation? ( strictly business or humorous)
  • The character images to be used? ( cartoons or professional)
  • What will be the advantage of signing it today?

These points allow you to remain on the correct path for writing a convincing script.


  1. Video Should Be Simple and Short

The shorter explainer videos are easy to retain. The main focus is to deliver an overview of business in a concise way so audience can stay engaged and it will be easier to convince them to take next step. An average of 150 words can be easily read and understand in 1 minute. If script is long the audience will pay least attention to it. It is also important to use a clear voice.

The video can be simple to understand by keeping 4 things into focus:

  • Problem Solving-Focus on the trouble customer is going through.
  • Providing Solution
  • How it will work
  • Action time- what should be the next step.
  1. Video should Focus on the Advantage of Product

The presenter wants to share as many advantages as possible but the focus should be kept only on those which are beneficial to general audience. It is better not to use technical terminology. The main idea is to make the audience believe that how particular product is going to change their life and make it easier.


  1. Make An Entertaining Video

Everyone loves a fun and entertaining video regardless of age or profession. Thus the explainer video should have few jokes, surprises or humour to keep the audience absorbed and help them built a special connection with the brand.

  1. Video Should Have Good Visual and Music

Explainer videos with good visual effect have proved to be more effective than the detail one. The main objective should be to illustrate the script in an interesting and simple way using nice visual effects and soothing music to keep the audience engaged. 

These are the best ways of creating an effective explainer videos which will keep the audience engaged and will result in increasing the overall sale of product.

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