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We are grateful to you if you have decided to entrust your order to be processed through our video production company. In order to go ahead and enjoy the service to its full, thoroughly go through the terms and conditions stated below.

  • Procedure of payment

    As per the budget needs of the clients, there are different packages offered by us with different rates that they can easily select. After selecting the one that fulfills their requirement, a fifty percent of the selected package’s total amount has to be paid in advance. Once the order is completed, a preview of it will be sent to the client. Upon acceptance from the client, the client will be required to pay the remaining amount in full, after which the completed project will be delivered.

    If the client uses illegal means for the transaction, the issue will be reported to the law enforcing firms without a delay.

  • Time to complete and deliver each project

    Our professional team of animators and developers is adept at completing each project within 4 to 5 weeks. The order can be delayed as per the client’s requirements, weather conditions, or revisions required. If the order is delayed due to a natural calamity, the issue will be brought in to the notice of the client via email.

  • In case of commercial usage

    Each video is exclusively created for a client and not for any profit making or commercial use. When a client requests for the authorization of the source document, the ownership will then be granted to them.

  • Protection of the credentials of the clients

    It is our first and foremost responsibility to provide the required privacy to our clients, therefore, the details provided by the clients are never leaked out. All the private details of the client are protected from the moment an order is placed till the time it gets delivered. The company, however, does not owe any partnership or business authorities to any client whatsoever.

  • Dismissal of an order

    Within the time period of 15 days from the day of order placement, if the client wants to cancel an order due to any issue,the client can email the company in written form about the decision of cancellation. Once the cancellation of the order is acknowledged by the company, the order to be processed will be stopped right away. Furthermore, all the personal credentials of the client that were saved for the correspondence with the client will also be completely removed from the database.

  • Reimbursement policy

    On rare occasions, if the client is not fully satisfied with the completed project, then they can avail the reimbursement option. If the client is found to be at the faulty end and has not provided the requirements correctly at the time of placing an order, then the option will not be valid in such a scenario.

In case of further queries or concerns related to the above stated conditions, feel free to contact at info@helloanimations.com, where the matter will be promptly answered. None of the clauses of the terms or user agreement can be, however, questioned after once an order is placed with the company.

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