Our Video Making Process Incorporates Six Different Steps Essential To Compose Unbelievable Videos. We Break The Project Into Modules, Which Enables Multitasking And Timely Delivery Of The Order.

Video Creation Process


Creative Brief

We assist our client in completeing the brief.

First, we ask you to fill out our creative brief and submit it to us.We do all the heavy lifting, but we do ask for your time and attention in filling out the brief. A completed creative brief really helps us get a better understanding of the vision of your product/process. Each and every question in the brief was hand-picked for a reason.


We Review the Creative Brief

and learn more

Ideas start to flow internally. Once we receive the completed brief we then review it internally with our creative team and start to discuss possible concepts and ideas around a script/storyboard. We also discuss your product/service a bit further to make sure we have a strong understanding of it.


Collaborative Call

to discuss the concept

Next, we jump on a call to discuss the brief and answer any questions. We may also need to clarify a few points from the completed brief. At this point, we will have a concept in mind and will present it to you. We also discuss possible characters selections and the design aesthetic.


Scripting & Storyboarding

Now that we have all the information we need to complete the script it is our job to get to work. We will come up with a script and concept and present them to you together. You will certainly have the opportunity to review and make changes/comments. Scriptwriting is a process and sometimes it takes a few iterations of the script to come to a final version. We will keep at it until we get the message right, but we do ask for specific feedback from our clients.


Pick a Voice Talent

A great voice makes all the difference. It’s really imperative to pick a voice that fits in with the concept. All of our voice talent has been hand-picked because of their unique talent and professionalism. Typically, we will recommend 5-6 voices that we feel are a good fit for the project. This will allow you to pick a voice that sounds the best to you. In this phase there is really no right or wrong choice as we have pre-screened the voices to fit your brand. It’s all about preference now.


Motion Design

Now the fun part begins! Generally, we will animate the first 15-25 seconds of your presentation and submit it to you for review. It will be in line with the still image board that you have already previewed and approved. This is usually the section where our clients say “wow”! Once the first 15-25 seconds are approved we will continue on to the end.


Sound EFX & Background Music

Music and Sound are sometimes the forgotten elements. Not with DemoFlick! We feel it’s imperative to add these touches to the presentation. We spend a lot of time and energy picking the right music track. All of our music is 100% copyright free and hand-picked to match your demo video. A music track has to have the right pace and work well with the movement.



Once we have a complete version of your explainer video, we will present it to you for review. Upon your review we will wait for final comments. Once the video is finalized we will then render out an HD version.The previous versions are typically in SD. But, we generally wait to the end to send over the HD version with the final files


Video is Delivered & Conversion Rates GO WAY UP!

Now it’s time to send over your video. We will typically send over a downloadable link to an MP4, but we can certainly render out other formats upon request. We will also provide some proven options for hosting.

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