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Collaborating Digital Marketing Automation with SEO for your Business

The concept of SEO finds its roots linked to the basics of Search Engines. SEO marketing strategies have been in place from the day search engines were made available for public use. The content generated by these search engines helped businesses stride to the top of the online rankings. However, the concept of SEO has taken a backseat in recent times. This is because many other online marketing strategies have come to the fore, producing better results than what SEO used to do. Digital Marketing Automation is one such strategy.

Digital Marketing Automation

First, we would like to give a brief explanation of the digital marketing automation process. Online marketing requires you to send emails, write social media posts, write newsletters, send reminders and create general content for your website. This, however, isn’t a simple task. You need to hire someone as a full-time employee for such a job unless you buy automation software. Such software automatically repeats marketing processes which are necessary for the branding of your business.


You can feed the automation software with all the necessary data and it will continue producing desired content after fixed intervals of time. This makes the marketing task a lot easier and affordable. You don’t need to write emails and send them individually to all of your potential customers. The software will do it for. This makes online marketing procedure smooth and hassle-free.

SEO and Digital Marketing Automation

Now, coming back to the heart of the matter, you can improve the results produced by SEO and Automation individually by combining these processes together. Well, one thing worth mentioning here is that the automation tools help you gather valuable information about your potential customers. For instance, from the pages they like over the internet, the people they follow and other things. This helps you recognize your potential customers over the internet. This facet of the marketing automation tools can be merged with the concept of SEO.

Using the information retrieved from automation software, you can figure out about the trending topics, taglines, and keywords which you can ultimately use in your own content. In simpler words, you get to know the hot keywords which are helping other businesses attract traffic. Once you know them, you can use these keywords and generate leads.

This isn’t a straightforward task as it requires precision and experience. This whole procedure of investigating trending topics through automation and then using them to SEO your content is called data collection. With the right data, your business can grow many folds in shortest possible time.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you can fasten up the already speedy digital marketing automation process by merging it with the concept of SEO. With the availability of correct data, you can engage in a targeted marketing approach where you reach out to potential customers only; the ones who already like and follow stuff similar to yours. Therefore, businesses relying on these techniques separately shall look out to marry these together for the production of better results.

Importance of Ethics and Character Building in Schools

Teaching is much more than giving assignments and checking home works of your students. Teachers must ensure that their students learn some ethics and values as well. These values help them develop strong characters which ultimately helps them transform into better individuals; both at personal and professional levels.


The easiest ways of setting ethical values in students are by promoting role models and ensuring volunteerism. It is important to make sure that children develop a strong personality as it helps them lead a content life; one in which they not only develop themselves but help others grow too.

Children develop strong relations with other kids in school when taught certain values. This ultimately helps them perform better at their education. Apart from this, these developments ensure many other benefits too. This article discusses some of them here;


Teaching mannerism at an early age leads to strong professionalism in students during the latter parts of their lives. This includes respecting other’s ideas, sharing a helping hand, and always being a positive energy for everyone around you. This sort of attitude helps you grow at your workplace. Students develop such manners in their professional lives if they are taught values during their time at the school.

Responsible Citizens

Societies prosper only when the individuals are responsible in their thoughts and acts. The things you do have a direct impact on the shape of the society. If you are making genuine efforts for a better society then others will reciprocate too leading to a harmonized, happy environment.

Mutual Cooperation and Development

Norms and values taught at school, for the purpose of character building, urge people to be more cooperative. People grow welcoming tendencies in their personalities which is good for the mutual development. So, to ensure a better tomorrow, we should start today! Instill good habits and thoughts in kids at school and they will perform better professionally in future.

Egalitarian Culture

It’s not just cooperation and understanding at individual level which come when students are taught values at school. In fact, the whole society adopts an egalitarian culture in which no one is left behind. People start caring for others and present their help at the times of the need. This egalitarian culture leads to a lasting peace. Combined efforts are done for the welfare of the people.

Strong Civil Society

When students are taught norms and values at school, they become able to differentiate between right and wrong. They know what should be supported and what should be condemned. As a result, a strong civil society is formed which isn’t shy to raise its voice for its rights. A strong civil society can usher a positive change in any country. It’s only plausible when we start teaching these values at an early age.

In a nutshell, teachers should focus on teaching values at school along with giving regular education. Regular education helps students in their professional lives. But, the ethics and values taught at school help them in personal life as well as their social interactions.

Top 5 domains where Explainer Videos can be used

These animated explainer videos are 2 minutetutorials which give you an essential and the most focused information in shortest period of time. These videos let the viewer stay glued for a couple of minutes, engaging them, just likean entertaining roller coaster ride. It gives a real and useful insightwith lively characters and drawings in black and white color. Viewers feel themselves connectedto them. These Explainer videos can easily be made by anyone having the skills of video production.

Nowadays, there are many sites on which you can make free explainer videos. All you need is some basic computer knowledge.You can easily start making videos now for marketing and other purposes. There are many domains in which these videos are used. Many people are taking advantage of these quick explainer videos for their businesses, in education system, sports and many others.

Let’s have a look some the top most favorite domains in which these are used mostly.



For the marketing of a company, introductory videosare mostly placed on the front page of the website. It tellsyou about the company and its works, its benefits, its projects, and all the related information. It’s helpful in gathering millions of people which are beneficial for your business and its growth. Tell the pros and cons in most hideous way to let the customers come in.



If you have any product that needs marketing like cellphone, game, a juice, burgers, hair products, clothing products, furnitureand other similar stuff,it’s highly recommended to use an explainer video to show case your products in a short and best way. Explain the usage of your products. Highlight the advantages your products have over other products.


If you are running a beauty parlor, car station, restaurant, or a spa, and want to tell about the services you provide in there, explainer videos surely would come handy to you. It’s an impeccable way to videos for explaining yourself and thus attracting your audience. Tell about your best services/discounted deals with the engaging videos. Use its lively character to attract your audience.


For toddler in preschool, giving a presentation in university or in any educational field where you need to explain something to others, these explainer videos could be very useful. They can be used to explain any concept in the shortest possible time, with lively characters and beautiful drawing and encouraging words. In a very entertaining and fun way, you can learn new concepts.


People use these videos for explaining religious beliefs also. If someone needs help in a concept regarding a religious belief then these explainer videos can be used. For instance, to explain the concept of GOD, Angels, or to explain any verse from the HolyBook, you can bring explainer videos into use. These videos can be helpful and good for you.

The bottom line is that the explainer videos can come handy in multiple ways. You can easily make one and convey your message to the people you wish to know. Either it is corporate marketing orlearning at school, you can use an explainer video for the purpose.

The Best Ways of Making Explainer Videos for Presentations

Explainer videos have a greater potential to keep the customer engaged and explain them the specification and advantages of product. These videos have a convincing and positive impact on the minds of audience.



Here are the Best Ways of making Explainer Videos for a fantastic presentation:

  1. Make A Convincing Script

A well written and convincing script is a key to an excellent explainer video. A good script is a basis on which everything is constructed. A good script can be achieved by choosing a person who does not know your business. He takes a look at it for the first time and then explains his views in a way that are understandable by general audience.

These are few points which should be kept in mind before presenting your product:

  • What is business or service about?
  • Who are the targeted audience?
  • Key advantages of using this product?
  • How this product helps in solving specific problem?
  • How does the service or business work?
  • The mode of presentation? ( strictly business or humorous)
  • The character images to be used? ( cartoons or professional)
  • What will be the advantage of signing it today?

These points allow you to remain on the correct path for writing a convincing script.


  1. Video Should Be Simple and Short

The shorter explainer videos are easy to retain. The main focus is to deliver an overview of business in a concise way so audience can stay engaged and it will be easier to convince them to take next step. An average of 150 words can be easily read and understand in 1 minute. If script is long the audience will pay least attention to it. It is also important to use a clear voice.

The video can be simple to understand by keeping 4 things into focus:

  • Problem Solving-Focus on the trouble customer is going through.
  • Providing Solution
  • How it will work
  • Action time- what should be the next step.
  1. Video should Focus on the Advantage of Product

The presenter wants to share as many advantages as possible but the focus should be kept only on those which are beneficial to general audience. It is better not to use technical terminology. The main idea is to make the audience believe that how particular product is going to change their life and make it easier.


  1. Make An Entertaining Video

Everyone loves a fun and entertaining video regardless of age or profession. Thus the explainer video should have few jokes, surprises or humour to keep the audience absorbed and help them built a special connection with the brand.

  1. Video Should Have Good Visual and Music

Explainer videos with good visual effect have proved to be more effective than the detail one. The main objective should be to illustrate the script in an interesting and simple way using nice visual effects and soothing music to keep the audience engaged. 

These are the best ways of creating an effective explainer videos which will keep the audience engaged and will result in increasing the overall sale of product.

Top Six Animation Software Programs in the World of Electronic Learning

iClone provides you the best experience as a user because the software offers you the ability to make a 3D video by using artificial characters. You can also apply artificial intelligent features of the program in order to generate realistic visuals that attract audience in the online community readily. Additionally, you do not need to have very good technological skills to operate this program due to its very simple interface that allows you to use attributes such as drag and drop.


GoAnimate is an online package that permits you to produce online videos with least amount of effort. You do not need any programming skills to use this software. The program also permits you to access cloud storage that saves your unfinished projects from destroying due to an online cyber-attack. With the passage of time, you develop into a professional visual designer by advancing in a learning package that this program offers you free of cost. GoAnimate is also an ideal learning platform for beginners.

CrazyTalk does not conform to industrial norms of the online visual production industry because this program offers you the ability to add dynamic characters that can accomplish complex tasks to help you in representing your idea during an online visual production. The wide range of readymade visual templates provides you with bulk of options that one can use to produce a high quality video in a matter of minutes. You can create videos with exceptional quality in minimal amount of time.

Toon Boom
Toon Boom lets you design your desirable characters that can work in your videos. You can free yourself from using ordinary and regular cartoons that one may consider boring and unappealing for the audience. You can also create your own creative pattern to leave a trail for students who believe in the idea of innovative creativity. This software provides you an opportunity to create a name for yourself in the world of online video industry by manufacturing very lively and different productions to become famous in the world of internet.

AfterEffects is a production of Abode that provides you an exceptional experience as a user of online visualizing technologies and therefore, you should download this brand to start your professional career as a web and online visual developer. This software does not leave you alone in your learning process by offering you a responsive tutorial that guides you through the developmental phase as a graphic developer. The services of Adobe are very cheap as compared to that of its competitors. AfterEffects is a specialized package with the help of which, you can produce multiple videos in a few hours.


PowToon is an educational platform that offers you the perspective to create academic lectures by using templates that saves you from spending too much time in setting up your videos. This program also offers you with graphical options that can make your productions very lively in nature. This program can prepare beginners for industrial engagement in least amount of time.

How to Make an Animated Video in Under 10 Minutes for $0

Animated videos are the most popular and effortless mode of advertising in the modern world. Surprisingly, you don’t need to be a whiz-kid to make an outstanding animated video. There are some basic rules which everyone can follow.


An animated video can be as simple as letters moving around on the screen until they form the word they were intended to make. Conversely, it can be a sequence consisting of characters brought to life by the animator’s direction and given life by acoustic expressions. Anyone on their computer can master this art, making use of minimal time and no money spent at all.


It is best to use IOS technology when dealing with animations, specifically those that are produced free of cost.
Let’s take a look at the simple steps you must follow in order to make an animated video in less than 10 minutes for $0. Keep in mind that the steps are based on when using IOS technology:
1. Find an ice breaker: The video must start with an ice-breaking element. This is usually a quote or citations from a popular celebrity to kick start your video.

2. Familiarizing with IOS Apps: The animation will be created on the pre-installed IOS application KeyNote. Predominantly dedicated to creating presentations, this application houses some cool animation tools that can easily create attractive animation videos.
3. Themes and Backgrounds: This application boasts numerous themes and backgrounds, or you can easily download some to customize your video. This will allow you to enhance your animation and give it a pro touch.


4. Styling: It is important that each and every single text that is featured on your animation video is styled and properly formatted. The applications features tools such as font styling, adjusting the size, the boldness, all the while allowing you to punch in some colors here and there to make your animation look catchy and creative.
5. Start the show: The real fun begins from this part onwards. Now, you can really start animating. Animation can be executed by adding visual effects to your characters or your texts. With minor movements such as the blink of an eye, the movement of a running river, the fading in and out of your text really takes your animation video up a couple notches.
6. Audio effects: Adding music can really brighten up your entire animation. This is because music gives a touch of reality and also an enchanting effect on the viewer. The message you are trying to deliver is also greatly affected by the kind of music you add to your animation. For example, if your animation is based on Halloween, it would only be fair to add some gloomy, dull and scary sound to enhance the charm of your entire animation video.
7. Save your animation: Now that you’re through with all the steps and have successfully created an attractive animation video, you must export your video. By exporting your video, you will be able to save it in your hard drive and therefore, be able to view it on your device. You can then upload it online on websites such as Facebook and YouTube.

7 Tips for Designing Awesome Animated Gifs


Whether it’s marketing or education, GIFs are the best and most attractive way of adding that zesty flavor to your blog and/or advertisement. For your marketing strategy or your educational tactics to truly excel, you must marvel the audience and what could be a better way than to use GIFs?

Let’s take a look at top 7 tips for designing awesome animated GIFs that will boost your reads in no time!

Designing the Devil

1.     Behind the scenes

Let me give you an insight to what goes on behind the scenes of creating a beautiful animated gifs- they start as videos! Yes, I always make sure my gifs are videos in the beginning for which I use Stupeflix. This is an online website and has got some handy animation features. The best part of using this website is that it is cost free!

Once the video is done, transfer it onto Photoshop and that’s a wrap!

2.     Play with the colors

You must make sure that you have a brilliant eye for the most aesthetic and artsy color scheme. Just because I asked you to play with colors, doesn’t mean I am giving you the license to go overboard.

Stay natural, stay smart and use the best matching schemes!

3.     Brevity is the best policy

Be very concise while creating a gif as people doesn’t have time to watch the whole movie. You do not need to put in the effort of adding the maximum amount of details- your viewers wouldn’t have all day and will only want to see the highlight of your entire content!

4.     Blur the baby

Blur your gif babies whenever and wherever you can! Websites like Stupeflix carry a motion blur feature and even allow you to transport your gifs to Photoshop. Blurry gifs give off a more professional and artsy vibe and are sure to make your gifs look A1.

Saving the Satan

You’ve got to do, what you’ve got to do- you’ve got to save your Satan, also known as, your gifs and that happens when you export your files to Photoshop!

5.     Color cut

Play around with color section on Photoshop and add to the aesthetic of your gif!

6.     Cut down the clones

Every time your animation stops or resets, it is because of the clones of your frame lining up with time durations as short as 0.03 seconds. Delete these frame duplicates and extend the time limit of the frame you chose to make your gif last longer on screen.

7.     Killing the kilobytes

Heavy kilobytes tend to add to the heaviness of your gif file! Set the ‘lossy’ on your Photoshop somewhere in the middle of 1-10 and kill some unnecessary kilobytes!

With these top tips coming from a graphic designing expert, as notorious as myself, you will be able to create some of the most awesome gifs you could have thought of!

5 Things to Consider when Creating a Video Animation


Creating animations is fun and easy as long as it is restricted for recreational use. When using video animation as a marketing strategy for your business, entrepreneurs need to be weary of the ingredients that go into the making and successful execution of such a strategy. Since video animations are supposed to layout the foundations, ideologies, perspectives and beliefs of your company out in a catchy manner, there are several important factors you must consider before you do so.

So what are the 5 things to consider when creating a video animation? Let’s find out:

1.     Target Audience

Every business decides on a product they will produce or a service they will offer. These products aren’t meant for everyone, they’re meant for a specific group. For examples, companies that produce tampons have women of post-puberty in mind. This means when making an animation video, the business must keep in mind the informative facts about its product that will attract women, the awareness this video will be spreading and the persuasive factor that will convince more women to buy these tampons. This allows the businesses to understand what sort of a message is to be delivered through these animation videos.

2.     Approach

What is your approach? Where are you going to post this animation video?

It is important to decide where and how a business would be marketing the video. This can also be determined by the type of audience it renders. Your approach depends on how vastly your medium is approached by your audience. This approach also influences the type of videos you will be making. For instance, Facebook requires humorous videos to break the internet while YouTube commercials tend to be persuasive.

3.     Size

What is the size of your animation video?

In the modern times, people’s attention spans have shrunken to the point of non-existence. This means, someone will give you only so much of their time and your efficiency will determine how well you deliver your message within that limited time of a couple of seconds. Therefore, the size and length of your animation videos should be precise enough to be actually watched by the viewer.

4.     Budget

Let’s talk real. We all know nothing in this world is cost free. Video animations for professional level are not free of cost and require some sort of charges. Although you do not need to have a massive budget, the stage where your business is at largely influences how much of a budget you can summon. For instance, if your business is still growing, you would be fond of Powtoon’s pro version while a well-established business just might go for a software as hefty as Maya.

5.     Brand Image

The type of audience you target and the product you sell enormously affects your animation videos. Your product represents the type of image you sustain in the market. If you are selling a smartphone, you are obviously selling a luxury and need to produce a video that reaches out to your audience accordingly.

These are some of the factors that need to be considered before you actually make an animation video!

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